Voyage aux cœur des Traditions Sakalava

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Scuba diving:  


Link of dive video from one of our guests:

Best season:     May – November/December

Diving depth:  5-40 m                          Water temperature: 26° - 30°

Dive program (example):

This program is proposed to experienced divers and offers the possibility to discover the marvellous underwater world of Madagascar. Certainly, you can have individual programs like night dives, prolongation of the program, extra dives, dive instruction etc.

1. Day: Tanykely:

1.dive: Check Dive, between 5 and 16 m; an immense variety of corals, fishes, mantas, turtles

2. dive: depth 22 m, between huge coral blocs we come to the bank of white gorgons, we may see White tip shark and colossal Sea turtles.

2. Day: Banc de Fussiler: 2 dives, depth 24m, Barracudas, Mantas, Whale shark, White tip shark). 

3. Day: 5 m-banc, Rosario:  2 dives between 15 und 40 m. Famous for the often seen whale sharks, Mantas and eventually gray sharks.

4. Day: Mantas Point: 2 dives between 15 and 45 m, Whale sharks, Mantas, Barracudas, Whales (July to December), Wahoo’s, Grooper

5. Day: Grotto of Sakatia: 1 dive, grotto dive with Grooper and Lobster families

6. Day:. Banc of Licornes: 1 dive, as the name says, you will be surrounded by thousands of Licornes


Some Dive Centres in our neighbourhood:

LOVE BUBBLE: French, english, italien

MADAPLOUF: French, english, german

SAKALAV DIVING: French, english, italien

AQUA Diving: French, english, italien

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